Thursday, October 19, 2006

Theta Waves Hello

Mark G talked about Theta Waves on a recent blog and how ideas spring forth when you least expect them to; the prime reason why all writers should carry a pen and note pad with them all times. You don't want to lose that once in a life-time idea after all.

So anyway, for the past few weeks I've been looking for a good television drama series idea with out any luck. No matter how much thought I gave to the subject not a single workable idea would come to me.

I was driving to work last night, a journey of about twenty minutes, and as usual I was daydreaming behind the wheel (one of these days I am going to have a crash). Not only did one idea for a television drama series pop into my head, but two managed to worm themselves free from the creative part of my brain.

Now I'm lucky in one regard and that is I don't need a pen and paper to write ideas down to remember them. All I have to do is think about them for a little while and they kind of get stuck in my head for ages.

So these two ideas were rolling around in my head working themselves out and evolving all through my car journey. When I got to work I had two fully formed, very workable ideas, ready to go. I am starting on the series bibles today.

It's a joy when ideas come to you like that. I bloody love new ideas. Woo-Hoo!!!!!!

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Pillock said...

Manna from Nirvana, man.