Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Final Final Draft

The finalists have been announced and are as follows:

Stinson Carter, Los Angeles, CA - ANANIAS
Tom Cosgrove, Dublin, Ireland - THE SEA DEVILS
James Duff, New York, NY - MOROCCO
Rick Fonte, Austin, TX - HER FORTUNE
Ken Klein, Portland, OR - IMPACTS AND REMAINS
Yehudi Mercado, Austin, TX - BUFFALO SPEEDWAY
Bret Ootes, Toronto, ON, Canada - ATOMIC EYE
Jill Parker, London, UK - LOVE IN THE TIME OF BOLERO
Jon Preece, Newport, UK - ELVIS WALKS HOME
Greg Shea, North Andover, MA - HEARTBREAK HILL

There are still two UK writers in with a chance which is good to see. Come on Jill and Jon.

I suspect however, that James and Danny might well be supporting Tom.

1 comment:

Optimistic_Reader said...

I will also be supporting Tom ;-)