Friday, October 13, 2006

Be My Valentine

At last, after almost five years of writing my feature script Mr. Valentine is now complete. After a proof read the first ten pages will be posted on my website and then will begin the process of posting out copies. Until those first ten pages are published here's a teaser:

'The grass is greener on the other side. At least dreamer Barnaby Valentine believes this until his wish is granted and all women suddenly find him irresistible. It isn't long before Barnaby realizes even the greenest grass hides weeds and the odd obsessed zombie teenage girl camping out.'

Other News:

Some of you may be aware of a project called Buddha Of Birmingham and certain regretful events that happened relating to it. Below is a post published on my website in an attempt to clear the matter up:

'As most of you will know I was working on a project called Buddha Of Birmingham with Belinda Evangelista. Sadly I have to announce that Belinda and I have dissolved our writing partnership.

What will happen to Buddha Of Birmingham? I don't know to be truthful, as our parting wasn't as smooth as either of us would have liked it to be. Bad words were spoken and professionalism lacked on both sides, something I deeply regret. So all that's left for me to do is contact Belinda and try and work out an amicable solution that will keep the project afloat.

Even with a degree in scriptwriting and five years writing under my belt it came as no surprise that I still don't know it all, even if I sometimes act like I do. I have learnt a valuable lesson: make sure all the details of your partnership are worked out to both parties satisfaction, then get the details down on paper and get it signed by both parties. Make sure this is done before any work on the project begins. This is important no matter how well you know your writing partner.

Hell, no one can accuse this site of not being educational.'


Pillock said...

Congrats and commiserations.

I think I remember you saying you wrote a draft of BoB and sent it to your partner. Surely that draft is yours and you can do what you like with it.

potdoll said...

sorry your writing partnership didn't work out. better luck next time.