Tuesday, October 03, 2006


"What have you been doing all day?" said my wife when she came home the other day.
"Writing," I said. She looked at me blankly.
"What have you been doing?" she said again.
"I've told you, writing, trying to earn a living at it so I can give you that house and those babies you keep begging me for" I replied.
"So you've done nothing then?"

It doesn't matter that I'm at home all day sitting in front of this computer straining my eyes and giving myself headache after headache just so that Susie and I can live a better life, I'm still not helping around the house. The fact that I hold down two jobs isn't an excuse not to do the house work. It came as a big surprise to me.
I tried to argue, to make Susie understand, "I have TWO jobs Susie."
"Do you get paid two wages?" she fired back at me. Damn that woman can find holes in any argument.

So yesterday was spent doing things around the house. I only intended to clean the kitchen; the oven was in a particularly bad way. It took me a couple of hours but the kitchen sparkled and I knew Susie would be pleased. Dirty and sweaty I went for a bath. I noticed the seal around the bath was moldy. After the bath I ripped it off, treated it and put some new sealant down. White sealant looks a lot better than moldy green sealant. I knew Susie would be pleased.

"What have you been doing all day?" said Susie when she got home.
"I've been doing stuff around the flat," I said, proud of my achievements. I showed her what I had done.
"Is that all?" said Susie said, sounding none too impressed with my work.
"Yup," I said.
"Have you done any writing?" she asked.
"Err, no," I replied.
"Why not? You know I want a house and babies and we can't afford either at the moment."
Sorry, dear," I replied.

A writers' work is never done.


Lucy said...

I've told you this before Dominic. Give the woman a baby. She'll be so sick for nine months, you'll get as much writing done as you like. As for the next 18 years...Well. Didn't I say nine months' free writing????

Anonymous said...

uh-hu, you're damned if you do... etc.

Can certainly relate to this one. Altho, at least my boyfreind's not asking for babies - there ARE expensive.