Thursday, October 05, 2006

Photocopying Blues

Arsing photocopier! I took one of my scripts to work with me last night to run a few copies off on the sly, so I could post them out next week. Only I find that someone hadn't put the toner in properly and the photocopies came out with lines on them and dark smudges.

They weren't too bad because you could still see all the text clearly, but it was obvious they had been through a photocopier because some of the pages were grey. Worried I had wasted two reams of work's photocopy paper I emailed the font of all my knowledge Danny Stack.

'Send them out if you can still read them,' said Danny, 'production companies expect scripts to be photocopied.' So sod it, they're going out, black lines, smudges and all. I don't want to kill any more trees than I have too.

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Mystic Twiglet said...

'I don't want to kill any more trees than I have to.' - should put that in the cover letter - ha!