Monday, October 23, 2006


My world is changing. My comfort zone has gone. Let me explain.

Last weekend I started going to Kung Fu lessons. I want to get fitter and decided this would be a fun way. Going to a gym is so boring; I feel like a hamster going around on its wheel when I go on one of those treadmills, and there's always someone fitter than me when I go (when I mean fitter I mean someone whose pecks don't bounce and wobble like a plate of jelly when they run) making me feel inadequate. So I decided Kung Fu was the better choice, and at last I'll be able to kick ass when needed.

After Kung Fu Susie dragged me off horse riding for the first and last time in my life. What crap it is. It's like riding a very high bike with a mind of it's own. I hated it and I've told Susie in no uncertain terms that I will never go near a horse again. You have to stand in the stirrups to let them pee, and God do they pee....for hours, gallons and gallons of the stuff, and you just have to stand there until they finish. And no matter how much you tug on the reins they still go in the direction they want, not the one you do. Stupid creatures!

The highlite of the weekend was my new phone (above). I love getting a new phone having to spend several days setting it up. I've just loaded several CD's on it so I can listen to my music while walking down the road. It's fab and does loads. I don't think Susie was too impressed though as she complained I spent more time with the phone than I did her. She doesn't's NEW. It's soooooooo shiny. I love my phone.

On the writing front I've started two new series bibles for TV drama series ideas I had last week. No problems or obstacles I've come across yet. I've also had two agents request scripts from me after initial email enquiries. Hopefully the agent situation will be sorted soon.

So a lot has changed in the last week; new experiences, new avenues to explore and new toys to play with. New things are good they add fuel to the writers creativity. So lose that comfort zone and challenge yourself. Welcome new experiences as you never know when you might need to write about them.


Anonymous said...

I understand, Dom. I have the 810, or whatever the previous one is (doesn't flip, don't like those flippy ones), and I love it, I have it all set up nice and proper, and it's all mine. Are you looking at my phone? I'll kill you. With my phone.

Dom Carver said...

It's the same with blogs. I see you have a shiney new blue beta one. I like it. I want me a peice of that.

Dom Carver said...

Oh, and just so you know, my phone doesn't flip. Flipping is common.


Anonymous said...

I call it flipping, because when I had a Samsung D500, I would open it with a stylish flip of the hand. Half the time that meant nearly dropping it, but the other half, I looked totally cool.

Lucy said...

Boys suck, you are so boring. And for that you are tagged.

Oh and Dom - since you are welcoming new experiences, let me tell you the difference between "its" and "it's"...

...What do you mean, "Fuck off"???

Dom Carver said...

I know the difference between 'its' and 'it's'.... I have a degree you know. I'm just lazy.