Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The Ups And Downs Of Writing

So the Red Planet Prize said no to me yesterday. I was disappointed I must admit, as I felt the script was my best work to date. But with every down comes an up to keep you going.

A well know script reader (who shall remain nameless as they know who they are) emailed me and asked to read my Red Planet ten pages, after reading of my disappointment on twitter. They gave a lot of positive feedback and said they thought I was just unlucky not to get through to the next round, which was very encouraging to me.

Then today I got an email from the BBC Writersroom with some feedback on a script I sent them. Even though they thought the characters could have done with a little more work, and the narrative was a little slow, there were plenty of flattering comments about dialogue, characters, comedy and originality. So despite my rejection yesterday my writing is improving by leaps and bounds. All that hard work certainly pays off.

Don't forget, just because you get rejected doesn't mean you're a bad writer. A script that is one person's Oscar, is another person's loo paper. Keep writing, have faith, work hard and you'll get there.


Jared said...

Well said, mister.

Steve Barker said...

Well done, Dom!

Big Respect for getting so close - keep scribbling!

Steve Barker