Thursday, November 27, 2008


I didn't get through :-(

Congrats to those that did :-)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Short Script Blues

Several times now I've advertised my short film scripts in the pitch bulletin on Shooting People. It's meant to bring like minded people together to get things made, so why is it every time I'm left disappointed?

It's not that I don't get any replies, in fact on my latest pitch I got five in the first day. It's not that people don't agree to film my scripts, it's that they always pull out at the last minute. Four times now a director has loved one of my scripts, agreed to film it, got near to the shooting day and then pulled out. It's so frustrating!

I even had one director who dropped the script because I wouldn't drop my fee from £150 to £100. For the sake of £50 he wouldn't go ahead with the shoot!!! He really pissed me off.

All I want is someone to come along who likes my script and actually films it when they say they will. Not too much to ask, is it?

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Christmas Book Ideas

I know it's early, but last year I left it a little late and most people had bought their presents. So this year it's early so you have plenty of time to get to the shops, order online, or drop loads of hints to the relatives. Here goes.

Writers' & Artists' Yearbook 2009

Completely revised and updated every year so you know that the information isn't stale or out of date.

A simply must have book jam packed with useful advice, addresses of agents, production companies and many other useful articles covering such subjects as; societies, prizes, festivals, resources for writers, copyright and libel and finance for writers.

RRP £14.99

The Writer's Handbook 2009

A publication similar to the one above. I always buy both, because what one misses the other usually picks up.

I find the layout of this book a little easier to deal with and the information in it a little more comprehensive than the W&A Yearbook.

Another interesting feature of both books is the introduction of a website for each, with searchable directories and FAQ's.

RRP £14.99

Writing For Television by William Smethurst

A useful guide to modern television writing and how to get yourself noticed by the right people. What to write, who to send it to, approaching agents, TV companies and independent producers.

I have found this an incredibly useful tool and by following William's suggestions I've started to go places with my writing.

RRP £9.99

Writing The Character-Centred Screenplay (second edition) by Andrew Horton

It does exactly what it says on the cover. It's all about character and less about plot like most other books. Explore how to make your characters three dimensional, real, and above all learn to create characters that will drive your plot, not who will be driven by your plot.

RRP £11.50

How To Be A Writer by Stewart Ferris

A small but handy book with all sorts of clever tips from the inside. One of a series that also includes; How To Be Sitcom Writer and How To Be Comedy Writer. Well worth the investment.

RRP £5.99

Aristotle's Poetics For Screenwriters by Michael Tierno

Using examples of Oscar winning films this book explores storytelling, structure and the common mistakes to avoid. A little hard going in some places, but a damn good read. Aristotle knew his stuff.

RRP £9.99

How To Make Money Scriptwriting by Julian Friedmann

A clever and insightful book from one of the country's leading agents. This book covers contracts, pitching, negotiating, agents, meetings, script reports, etc. Basically this book looks at things from the business prospective. As far as I'm concerned a must have.

RRP £14.95

The Pitch by Eileen Quinn and Judy Counihan

The thought of standing in front of the money men to pitch your screenplay scare you? Know it's good but not sure you can convey that to the people in front of you? Then this book is for you. An often funny look at how to pitch, preparing yourself and knowing what the money men are looking to see from you. Another must buy.

RRP £9.99

Don't forget the prices quoted here are just recommended retail prices and you can often find the books cheaper on online sites.

Any questions feel free to ask.