Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Good news for Danny Dyer fans, his latest feature began filming yesterday, Tuesday 17th September 2013. I'm really looking forward to this one as Danny is now choosing meatier roles than he has done in the past, moving away from the cockney wideboy characters he is well known for. I wish JK, Danny and the cast and crew all the best, and let's hope this film is a cracker.

Hitman thriller Assassin starts shooting, more cast announced

London - Production has commenced on hitman thriller ASSASSIN written and directed by JK Amalou and produced by Jonathan Sothcott. The film stars Danny Dyer, Martin Kemp and Gary Kemp. It is the first time the Kemp brothers have starred together in a film since cult classic The Krays.

Holly Weston (left) and Anouska Mond (right) join the cast of Assassin.
In addition it is announced today that Anouska Mond (ill Manors), Holly Weston (John Carter), Eddie Webber (The Firm), Robert Cavanah (Fall of the Essex Boys) and Deborah Moore (Die Another Day) have joined the cast. “I think JK and I have put together a really cool cast,” says producer Sothcott, “I have had my eye on Anouska Mond for some time, I think she’s really got something about her.” Amalou adds “we searched long and hard looking for our leading lady but as soon as I met Holly Weston I knew she had what it took to play the complex part of Chloe. The female characters play a bigger part in our story than is usual in films of this type and I really feel we have nailed the casting.”

The movie, which will be distributed in the UK and Australia by Anchor Bay, will be filmed on location in London, Sussex and Surrey. “I want to show a side to London that isn’t just Soho and Canary Wharf,” says JK Amalou, “really make the city into a character. But I also want to get out of London, life extends beyond the City.”

Assassin tells the story of Jamie (Dyer), a professional hitman hired to kill corrupt politician Tony Boyd (Cavanah) by mobsters John and Lee Alberts (Gary and Martin Kemp). The night of the hit he meets Chloe (Weston) and begins an affair with her, only to discover that she is Boyd’s estranged daughter. Spurred on by her friend Alex (Mond), Chloe begins to think that Boyd’s death was not the accident it appears and when she begins digging, the Alberts hire Jamie to kill her too. As his world collapses around him, Jamie has to chose between survival and the girl he loves in an action-packed climax that can only end one way – death.

Assassin is a Richwater Films/Silver Leaf Productions co-producion.

About Richwater Films

Richwater Films is a London-based independent film production company with interests in publishing, music and multimedia. Richwater’s first film, vigilante drama Vendetta, is released to UK cinemas in November. Upcoming projects include Top Dog for Universal, We Still Kill The Old Way for Anchor Bay, big budget action pic Renegades and London terrorism thriller Age of Kill.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Never give up... on anything... ever!

This really shouldn't need saying but you would be amazed at how many people simply walk away from something when it doesn't work out, either because they are disgruntled with the way things ended or they simply can't be bothered to stay in touch. In the last couple of years there have been two feature projects I was due to write, that for one reason or another didn't go forward. I may have initially been disappointed they didn't work out but I made sure I kept in touch with the producers and director concerned. And it paid off. Both projects have been given a new lease of life and I'm back on board as the writer.

There are many reasons why a project doesn't go anywhere, it's frustrating for sure, but what you can't afford to do is simply walk away and forget about it. Stay in touch with the producers/directors. Occasionally ask them what's happening with the project; don't bombard them every week though, once every month, or couple of months is fine. If you show an interest, even if they eventually go with another writer, they will still remember you for your interest and enthusiasm.

I can't say this often enough; the more chances you make for yourself the more chance there is of one, or more of them paying off. If you don't take a chance how are you going to get anywhere? And it's always better to have too much work than to have none at all.

So remember to stay in touch, you never know when a project that looked dead in the water might resurrect itself.