Friday, September 10, 2010

Him & Her - Comedy Is Subjective

So the new Russell Tovey comedy Him & Her made is debut on BBC Three on Monday night...but it wasn't funny...or more to the point, the wife and I didn't find it funny.

Smutty humor was a big hit in the nineties, not now. Smutty humor now is just childish.

Things I didn't find funny:

- Opening discussion about blow jobs.
- The constant mention of sex.
- The word FUCK.
- Toilet paper under the foreskin.
- Sniffing said bit of toilet paper.
- Women doing stinky bowl movements on the toilet.
- Women leaving stinky bowl movements in toilet and not flushing.
- Jumping around like a girl when coming across a spider.
- Eating pubes on toast.
- Eating toast in bed and dropping crumbs.
- Pissing in a hand basin.

The only thing the show had going for it was the uncomfortably annoying neighbour and Russell. I love Russell Tovey, he's brilliant in everything he does, but even he can't save something so unfunny as Him & Her, or can he?

If you want to know how to do smut well, then see Two Pints Of Larger And A Packet Of Crisps. It just goes to show comedy is subjective.

I have erased it off my Sky+ recording schedule (on the recommendation of Russell himself I have now reinstated it).


Chris Regan said...

I watched this too, and agree for the most part although I did find myself chuckling occasionally. I liked the structure - the fact that it was all one continuous half hour. Not sure I'd go out of my way to watch it again though. And I struggle with the idea that out of all the original comedy scripts that must be out there, somehow this was one worth producing.

Dominic Carver said...


Twitter Response:

Russell Tovey: Stick with 'Him and Her' Dom... I promise you it gets better and you will change your mind! Ta x

Bloody 'ell, Russell reads my blog... (faints).

OK, I'll admit there were a couple occasions I laughed, so yes it's back on my Sky+ record list, but only because I believe in you, Russell.

Unknown said...

I was with you all the way right up until the point that you dropped 'Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps'. Dude, 'Two Pints' is about as funny as testicular cancer.