Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Him & Her Part 2 - I am Steve's tissue covered foreskin.

The wife and I have spent the last week discussing why we didn't like the first episode. No, (didn't like) are the wrong words. (Didn't find funny), that's more like it. Anyway the reason for me was summed up in a few words from my wife, "I live with that 24/7." How very dare she, I thought, how very....then it hit me....I am Steven.

The things Russell Tovey's character Steven did, or encountered during the first episode could have been lifted straight from my life. I have a great dislike to crumbs in the bed, they make it uncomfortable. I could go on, but I'd only bore you/embarrass myself. It was too much of a revelation on how difficult it is to live with me sometimes, for me to laugh at Steven/Me in the first episode.

Episode Two: I'm sold, and no, not because Russell Tovey tweeted me and asked me to stick with it. I think he's a great actor, but I do have my own opinion and I'm no suck up. But once I understood I was watching what I, and every other bloke has gone through during their twenties, up there on the screen, I got the humour and laughed my bloody bollocks off. It's very well written, with such superb observational comedy that I had to check my house for hidden cameras.

So yes, Mr. Russell Tovey, you did say it would get under my skin and indeed it is doing its best to do so. Can't wait for the next episode.

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PenEnvy said...

After reading this blog I gave Him and Her a second go, but still not quite feeling it. Would be interested to read how you think it develops - and awesome that Russell Tovey contacted you to defend it!! Definitely shows it's one to persevere with. Thanks!