Friday, May 28, 2010

The Plunge

I've taken the plunge and become a self-employed writer at last.....EEEEKKKK!!!!

I have a lovely part-time job writing for a website which will keep the money rolling in to pay the mortgage. But now it means I can devote so much more time to writing my novel, scripts, entering competitions, and getting that all important first British TV credit. Let me in, damn you!

Now all you lovely people have to do is send me your scripts so I can read them and charge you for the privilege. My son needs a new pair of shoes and the wife a new handbag (beg, beg). Me? I'm just happy to be writing full-time. Fantastico!!!

I'm not crapping myself....honest!

Monday, May 24, 2010

New Script Reading Service

is proud to present

a brand new script reading service

First impressions are important. You wouldn't go to an interview half dressed, you wouldn't drive a car with no wheels, so why send out a script that isn't ready?

I'm proud to offer a new script reading service that is affordable, reliable, with a quick turn around, to help writers of all stages get the best out of their script.


I have a BA (Hons) degree in Scriptwriting For Film & Television from Bournemouth University and I've been a reader for Portman Entertainment Ltd.


You can submit your scripts via email in PDF, Final Draft, or Word format, or via snail mail.

Payment is by Pay Pal or personal cheque, but please remember scripts submitted by snail mail and with a personal cheque are going to take longer to process and return to you.


A BSSC SPECIAL - £5 per script

Available until the early deadline of the 31st of May 2010.

Please note the below prices are based on a 100 page script - please add 0.25p for every page over this.


A brief outline of suggested improvements, a list of what works and what doesn't.


A more comprehensive report on your script paying close attention to key areas, and logical suggestions for improvement.


Want more detailed help page by page? Then this is the service for you. Here I will look at formatting, dialogue and scene description.

Please contact me for Pay Pal payment details and snail mail address at:

Thursday, May 13, 2010

South West Voices

Earlier in the year I applied to the South West Voices initiative, in partnership with the BBC Writersroom, when they asked South West writers to submit drama pitches.

110 people applied and out of those 18 were invited to a workshop at BBC Bristol. I was one of the lucky ones. So off I set via train to find out what it was all about.

The workshop was hosted by Paul Ashton (Writersroom), Beverley Booker (BBC Commissioning), Chris Moll (South West Screen) and Hannah Rodger (Writersroom). The first thing that Paul made clear to us all was that if we didn't make it through to the final 8 it wasn't the end. We had been invited to the workshop because they wanted to form relationships with South West writers, to have ongoing dialogue with us and to find out what we are passionate about.

I have to admit I was a little overwhelmed when I got to Bristol, because I'd looked up the other writers attending on the Internet and found that I was probably the least experienced one there. But then I thought if I had been chosen to be in the 18 with all those other writers, then the BBC Writersroom and South West Screen obviously saw something in my writing they liked. So I shoved my nerves aside and threw myself in at the deep end.

I really enjoyed myself, meeting other writers, learning more about the BBC commissioning process, making new friends and actually getting the opportunity to practice my face to face pitching. Let's just say I need more practice.

Unfortunately I didn't make it through to the final 8. A bit gutting, but as Paul said it wasn't the end for any of us. The BBC Writersroom have their eye on me and at least one BBC Commissioner knows who I am. Now all I have to do is keep those relationships alive and maybe it'll help me somewhere in the future.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Mockers

Should I say something, or should I keep quiet? Thing is I don't want to put the mockers on it.

It seems that every time I do say something before things actually happen, these things eventually come to nothing. But I want to tell everyone, because I'm proud and excited. But if I do say something and then, as it has done before, it all goes tits up, I'll have cursed myself again.

No, this time I'm going to keep my mouth shut until things are sorted, then I will tell...but not before.