Thursday, February 04, 2010

Total Film's 600 Blogs

Alright regular readers, and hello to all you lovely new ones. Yes, that means you. Yes, you!!! A very warm welcome to you. Now please sit down and enjoy.

If you didn't already know Total Film has publish a list of 600-movie-blogs-you-might-have-missed on their website, and yours truly is listed on page 8. Thank you so very much you smashing movie magazine type people, I do love you so.

Of course I was totally stunned to find out people actually read my blog!!! Blimey, I'll have to start writing something substantial then and not my usual drivel. And no I haven't forgotten I'd said I'd write some blog episodes on how not to become a writer. It will come, soon, you'll just have to be patient until then.

For now I shall go and bask in my new found celebrity status. "Do you know who I am?"