Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Short Film Scripts

Calling all film makers, budding or professional. I have a catalogue of ten minute scripts I am offering for free with the intention of having them filmed this year.

What I want:

The main Writer's credit.
A copy of the finished film on DVD
A written promise that the film will be entered into every short film festival going.

What I can give you:

A free polished ten minute script.
As many rewrites as you require to see the project through.

What I'm looking to gain from collaboration:

More exposure as a writer and a competition, or festival, win to add to my CV.

If you're interested then please contact me via my website.

Hope to hear from many eager film makers.


Kate said...

Have you tried tweeting this? You might find more people.

Good luck

Kate xx

pensivefox said...

Hey Dom,I'm looking for a script I could shoot mostly outside. The film I'm making will be shown at my college's film festival in early May, and it's mandatory that I submit it for that for about a quarter of my grade in my Intro. to Film class. I am the main actor, which I'm probably a little bit better at than directing. My Mise en Scene and acting resources are sparse. I wrote a script already, but it just doesn't work for our situation and what I wanna do which is concentrate on cinematography and editing. My one classmate/partner is a Jordanian lady who is the camera person, and I'm pretty much doing everything else. If I used a script from you I would certainly send you a copy on DVD.

Dominic Carver said...

Things have now changed as all of my old short film scripts have been snapped up and I am forced to write some more to keep up with the demand. Since this post I have also gone self-employed, and as such I have now to think of where my money is coming from, so from now on (as from 28/09/2010) I will be charging for my work.

Thank you for listening.