Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Changed the scene the script editor wanted me to yesterday then I decided to scrap it, because it was rubbish. I wanted to show a character's journey into violence, just hinting at it in this new scene, but it turned into a full on riot which was too much. The plan is to do it a different way today and see if that works better.

In other news my website has now been updated and you can see the new version here:


If you have any suggestions on how I can improve it please let me know.

Better get to it.


Dominic Carver said...

Ah the importance of backing up... The Lost Soul file was corrupt, but luckily I back it up several times a day in at least two different places.

I went to the last back up, loaded it and I haven't lost a thing. A lesson for everyone there :-)

Dominic Carver said...

Ah, that's better. The scene is now looking a lot better than it was, makes much more sense and sets up the second half of the film superbly.

Lunch time now :-)

Dominic Carver said...

Only a couple of pages away from the halfway point and a really dramatic scene where the protagonist goes too far. Looking forward to writing that scene.

Dominic Carver said...

That's it, the halfway stage has been breached.

I shall be back tomorrow :-)

Sally A said...

Three things - would HATE to show a script editor anything that wasn't complete. In fact think I'd probably refuse unless it was a key scene they had to have for something or other. This is cos I think it's only when you get to the end you realise what's it all about - then you go back to the start and rewrite. THEN give it in.

Secondly, if there's problem post-mid point then IMO it's usually to do with a problem earlier. I find getting to the mid point HIDEOUS and then much quicker after that.

Thirdly, if you're writing it in 5 acts - don't know if you are then would suggest different location for acts 4 & 5. Even if it's different parts of the hospital. Think your instinct is right - if it's all in the same place it'll be too static and feel like time has stood still. Change of location equals progression in my book.

Well done for sharing all this Dom! Hope it's going well. xx

Dominic Carver said...

I think in this instance, especially because of the tight deadline, it's been very helpful to have a script editor look at my work as I do it. I haven't disagreed with any of the feedback yet and he's actually helped nail down a character I was having problems with.

Then again the fact it's working could just be down to the fact we know each other pretty well.