Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ashes To Ashes





I think I've sussed what's going on in the final series of Ashes To Ashes. There were certain things I spotted during the second episode that could be carefully laid clues. Then again I might be totally wrong. I'll list my ideas here and we'll see how close I was at the end of the series.

I think Jim Keats is the Devil. The reasons for this:-

(1) His office was in the basement - A metaphor for Hell.
(2) His office was scorching hot - As hot as Hell.
(3) Someone commented his office was fetid, meaning rotten or decaying.
(4) He wears horn-rimmed glasses - the Devil's horns.

Jim is also using his charm to try and get Alex on to his side, telling her he can help her, something the Devil would do. And does he really know where she is from?

If you remember in the first series Gene Hunt saved Alex as a child from the exploding car, so it's a good possibility that he is her guardian angel, which is why he gets up Jim Keats' nose so much. That would mean that the world they inhabit is purgatory, a halfway house between life and death, Heaven and Hell.

Again this is only a theory of mine and I could have got it all horribly wrong, but as I said let's see at the end of the series.

And as for Sam Tyler, I think he's very much alive and Gene Hunt is covering up for his friend (acting the guardian angel), but why? In Life On Mars Sam Tyler discovered his father was a crook and I think the bank robbery that supposedly got Sam killed was carried out by his father and Sam let him escape once again, but this time he followed his father to get to know him better. Well, that idea is a little dodgier than the Devil/guardian angel one above, but again we'll see.

What do you think?

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Sarah said...

I thought that about Jim Keats too, how he might be the devil. I noticed that they commented how hot his room is. There are a lot of references to fire, apart from the obvious title as well - "Ashes to Ashes". Jim always seems to be smoking. I think the car plays a significant role too - the fact that it was a rally car is important. In last weeks episode it showed the Quattro on tele and the voiceover was talking about Rally. Then last night Chis has top trumps with Rally cars. Gene also has a picture of a black Quattro pinned on his wall.

When Alex was dreaming about Chaz being on Mastermind one of the questions was something about "What is the old meaning of Tyler" and she answered "door keeper of an inn." I looked it up, it's true. That is significant.

I am intrigued by the way that last episode and the episode before, whenever Gene Hunt gave his approval to both Chaz and Ray, the camera zoomed in on their faces and the "Life on Mars" music played. It is as if Gene Hunt is the centre of it all and is steadily working his way round the group, "curing" them in some way. Jim quoted about the bell tolling and mentioned the nail in Gene's coffin and other references to death. What are the stars about too? Why is Chaz seeing them? I saw an interview with two of the characters and they said when they found out what it was all about they thought "why didn't I think of that?". So it must be quite simple and obvious.
I love it anway, wish it wasn't the last series.