Monday, February 19, 2007


Proof of the importance of networking became apparent to me today while at lunch with Danny T and Tim Clague. Tim mentioned a competition he was thinking of entering, but was hesitant to do so because he really didn't have an fully formed idea to go with.

"What length script are you looking for," I asked. "Thirty minutes." And there it began, a simple lunch meeting turned in to a possible chance to get something made.

Never let an opportunity pass.


Vic Trundles said...

When my darling Vienna was in schoolplay, a man called Peter Ling (who once create tv show Crossroads) always came to see the shows her school putting on. He was impressed by her performance and word got out that he wishing to meet her.

She had word with him and he said he would like her to join his theatre company (think of the contacts!!) Instead, of meet him after show finished, she chose to go to end of play party!

It was single biggest regret of her life. So what you say is so true.

Tim Clague said...

Never thought i'd see a nice bit of corporate photo stock library guff on your blog Dom! Fingers crossed for a successful joint project.