Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Name's Carver, Dom Carver.

I am soooooooo excited. I'm off to see Casino Royal this weekend and I can't jolly well wait. I can't remember the last time I've been this excited about seeing a film at the cinema (I think it might have been Batman Begins).

Like my brother I've always been a big fan of Bond, but I've liked the darker Bonds better. My favourite Bond film is On Her Majesty's Secret Service with George Lazenby. I know a lot of people hated him as an actor, but I love the film because it was more about the character than the actor that was playing him. That's why I like Timothy Dalton too.

With Dalton they tried to make the character darker, but studio interference meant they couldn't steer too far from the original formula. This was a shame because it basically put an end to the tougher, more true to the books, Bond that I love.

Bond had to move with the times even if the hardcore fans didn't want this. He also had to be based in reality, especially after that fiasco with the invisible car in the last movie. So goodbye cheap one liners, campness, unrealistic villains and impossible gadgets, and hello to a darker, grittier, more realistic Bond.


Phill Barron said...

I can't wait, I'm absolutely stoked about it. The last time I was this excited was Superman Returns, which was shit. Hopefully this will actually deliver.

The best thing about this Bond for me is, he's blond! Growing up borderline ginger, I knew there was no way I could ever be James Bond (or Superman, or Batman, or just about any hero apart from Bo Duke). Daniel Craig has just turned all that on its head. Where was he when I was 10?

Probably about the same age, I suppose. Bond, bring it on!

Robin Kelly said...

You won't be disappointed, it's great.

I had successfully managed to wipe Superman Returns from my memory. Thanks for the reminder, mate, I'm having to relive the horror. ;-)

Lucy V said...

"Realistic Bond"??

Isn't that an oxymoron???

You boys are a mystery to me. I've successfully avoided all the Bonds since GOLDENEYE, so won't be seeing this one - even if Daniel Craig is blonde.

Dominic Carver said...

That's coz you girls know nothing :-P

How can you NOT be excited by BOND??????????????????

Robin Kelly said...


every second article about Bond is by women going on and on about how fit Daniel Craig is. (Not that I'm jealous or anything). So that's one reason to see it.

The other reason is that this is a proper Bond at last where it is more character driven but still has exciting action. Best of both worlds.

James Moran said...

If you've skipped all the Bonds since Goldeneye (I assume you mean you saw that, which is good, cause it's the best of the Brosnan ones) then here's what you missed: Stunts, stunts, cheesy one liners, dodgy CGI, stunts, more one liners, comedy Q scenes, stunts, invisible car, CGI surfing, Halle Berry's knockers.

You may now go and see the new one, fully caught up. It's fab. Proper characters, realistic (possible if slightly improbable) action, good solid story. And Daniel Craig takes his top off a lot.

Lucy V said...

Daniel Craig takes his top off? James, you say this like it's a good thing. I saw his body in TOMB RAIDER. Unimpressed. Besides, the major thing "for" him is what ultimately turns me against him - blonde hair! This means blonde pubes. Total sickable. Besides, I prefer my men to have long dark hair. And be werewolves.

I've said too much...

Phill Barron said...

You don't get to see his pubes when he takes his top off, that would be weird.

I saw the film this afternoon. Fantastic, I absolutely loved it.

Lucy V said...

It would be weird Phil, you're quite right - however, it's not the ACTUAL sight I'm worried about here, but the thought. Sorry, but blonde guys just don't do it for me. At all.

BTW, Dom - how did you get on with JK yesterday?

Dominic Carver said...

I loved the new Bond, all mean and moody, a man of action and very few words.

Can Daniel Craig act? I'm still undecided on this one, as he does a lot of action scenes but very few that require more of him than grunting or staring. Hopefully he'll get the chance to act in the next film.

The only thing that spoilt the film for me was having to sit in the front row because it was nearly sold out. My neck still hurts.

Robin Kelly said...

"Can Daniel Craig act?"


You have apparently missed lots of quality Craig films, try Layer Cake, Road to Perdition and Munich on rental and The Mother tonight on BBC1.

But regarding Casino Royale, I think you can see quality acting there, especially when he's with that lass, it's subtle but impressive.

Dominic Carver said...

I hated Layer Cake and I thought he was shit in that. As for the other films, he wasn't too bad in them, I suppose.

Lianne said...

I didn't care much for Layer Cake either, but I did think Daniel Craif was excellent in a film called Some Voices. He played a schizophrenic and he's virtually unrecognisable in it.

Not going to see Casina Royale till 15th DECEMBER! This is what happens when you try to make seeing a film a big social occasion. But as I'm not really the world's biggest Bond fan I should be able to hold out. Pinning all my expectations on Pan's Labyrinth instead.

Good Dog said...

Can Daniel Craig act?

You're kidding, right?

Our Friends in the North
Layer Cake
Road to Perdition
The Jacket

Auntie Marga said...

Gad, that delightful young creature Lucy may have struck on a new hybrid concept. 007/werewolf with blond pubes/thriller. An interesting franchise, yes?