Thursday, November 09, 2006

Cashing In

You shed blood sweat and tears writing a damn good script. It sells. It gets filmed. The film is released. You humbly acknowledge the praise heaped on you. You enjoy your new found celebrity. Things die down a bit as you eagerly await the DVD release and then what happens??? Some ungrateful swine tries to make money off your fame....well sort of.

Check out the link.

Will James be bidding for this bit of movie history? We shall have to wait and see.

Update 10/11/2006: It didn't sell so it has been relisted and someone has bid. A bargain at 99p.


Lucy V said...

99P for some grebby trakky bottoms and T'shirt? Bargainous.

James Moran said...

Not long left to bid, and still at only 99p - 20 quid for post and packing though.

I don't mind at all, they won it fair and square in a competition, hopefully this way it'll end up with someone who really wants it. It was worn by the guy Maggie has a big fight with, if anyone's wondering. I won't be bidding, I've got a hatchet and the ass-knife, I'm happy.