Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Will They; Won't They?

I have just emailed the second draft of my script to the production company. Now I'm scared.

This has been a rollercoster ride for me and a real eye opener. I think I've been through about every emotion there is with the second draft. I haven't doubted myself so much for so long. But now isn't the time to doubt as I've sent it; now all I can do is wait. I've followed their notes but there is always the chance they won't like what I've written and drop the project. I have no idea how I'll react if they do.

My other half keeps telling me to be positive about it. The thing is I am normally a very positive person. My positivity is infectious and most people can't help being positive about things too while I'm around. I'm not arrogant, or at least I would hope I don't come across like this, I just have an unfailing belief in myself and I can't look at life in any other way than 'the glass is half full'. Half full is infinitely better than just plain empty. So why if I'm normally so positive am I acting like a paranoid freak?

It matters, that's why! Everything I've done in the last ten years has led to this day. I need to get this option on my script to validate those last ten years and the direction I have decided to go with my life. And I need the money.

Have you guys wanted anything so much you have almost burst?


Dom Carver said...

I just read this back, boy do I sound desperate.

Snap out of it, Carver!!!!!!!

Optimistic_Reader said...

You don't sound desperate, just very eager for it to work out which I think is how all writers feel when they send anything out. Well, it's hpw I usually feel anyway and I get carried away for a while daydreaming about the possibilities until the self-doubt creeps in (it always does, there's no escape) and then I come back down to earth and get on with something else.

Hope it all works out for ya!

James Moran said...

Exactly the same thing we all feel every single time, I reckon. You don't want to get your hopes up too high, but at the same time you can't help but think maybe...

The best thing to do right now is work on something else - because sitting waiting just drives you crazy.

Tim Clague said...

Indeed. This all sounds very familiar. But then I always have this feeling about the next thing being even more exciting. So no time to chew nails and sit around waiting for the phone to ring. What's next?

Dom Carver said...

Next is already happening. I'm putting the finishing touches to the pilot script and series bible for a 6 x 60 minute drama. It should be finished by next week and then I'll send it out.

After that it's the 14 day feature challenge.

The Misanthrope said...

Only came across your blog recently and have been fascinated with your progress re. the script and Celtic Films. Best of luck. Don't worry about sounding desperate. Fingers crossed.