Monday, May 01, 2006


So another popular programme has been axed from our screens.

Last week Richard Woolfe, Sky One's newly appointed Director of Programmes, wielded the axe for the second time this month. Not one, but two flagship programmes of Sky One are now no more.

What is it with new Directors of Programming that they feel they have to start with a clean slate when they take over? Popular and innovative shows get the axe simply because they were the brain child of their predecessor and not because they were losing ratings. Surly any self-respecting DOP would want to keep a successful show because after all their job relies on good ratings? Or is it an act of ego?

It appears to me that a new DOP simply wants to take credit for their own shows and not the shows of their predecessor. They can't be seen to benefit from someone else's work so they axe them with scant regard to the wishes of the viewing public.

Hex was one of the few successful British Sci-fi series that could compete on the same level with anything the Americans could throw at us. So what is Richard Woolfe going to replace it with? Reality shows are at the top of his wish list apparently. No doubt we'll see several new shows with the world CELEBRITY in them, featuring some unrecognisable people who's only claim to fame is that they one appeared in the Big Brother house for about thirty seconds, or someone who once dated Jade Goody. We lose good quality drama for that? Thanks a lot Richard Woolfe, lets hope you're not in your job for long.


Optimistic_Reader said...

Can't say I ever watched Hex actually, but as much of Sky One's schedule is filled with American imports it is disappointing that a British programme has been axed. And very disappointing for writers that Dream Team has also been axed - again, I didn't watch it much but tried to tune in every now and then as they always seemed to be looking for writers.

Robin Kelly said...

I'm afraid I only lasted two episodes of Hex. While the writing was much better than I expected, I just couldn't buy into the premise. And unfortunately most viewers felt the same and switched off.

The Dream Team just varied too much in quality and I gave up on it. You would get one quite good episode and then one awful episode then an average episode. In America the showrunner would re-write the weaker episodes and bring it up to quality but it doesn't happen here.

While there is an element of the new boss coming in and making changes, there's also an element of the old boss re-commissioning shows because it's safer and easier than trying something new.