Thursday, May 04, 2006

Olaf Lovin'

Where has Olaf Legend gone? Has he become a victim of his own success?

We all loved Olaf, or at least most of us did. There were a few who sent him hate mail, but then if you write about your mother you have to expect her to hit back. So why did Olaf court such adoration and hate in equal amounts?

Olaf to me summed up everything that is writing; the seemingly constant rejection, the paranoia, the self-doubt, the ridicule from your so called friends when you tell them what you want to do with your life, the constant search for validity and the hope that one day it'll all be worth it. And on his journey he made us laugh. We thank you for that, Mr. Legend.

So why has he disappeared? I can only assume it all got too much for him. Poor lad, we'll miss him. RIP my friend.

What is you favorite Olaf Legend moment and why?


Danny Stack said...

I think he's back up and running, same blog address.

Mystic Twiglet said...

Can you just remove all your blog like that? Or was he removed?

Maybe this is the ultimate act of self editing.. ahem!

Olaf we await your reincarnation

Olaf said...

My favourite moment is when Olaf was all being abused by the women all the time (on the blog, I mean) Did you notice how all the guys were nice to me, but the women were distinctly cool fish? None of the men called me a scam like unbelieving women.

Should I make a comback? Not wanting to be making habituality of this like Frank Sinatra. Let me think about it over the sleeptime.

England 1 Sweden 4

Vince DC said...

Hi Dom. You may have noticed that I am a regular contributor to the comments section of the Olaf Love-In. And if you haven't, you should come visit my blog as I have sung the praises of this complex, talented enigma several times. His passing dealt a severe blow to my well-being. It took me several days before I was even able to click on his link in my favorites.

He seems to be back, but the scar left by the accidental or intentional deletion of his blog is still very raw. I'm elated that he's back, but cautious to open myself to too much Olaf Worship lest the same thing happen again.

mamma legend said...

My most favorite Olaf moment was when I saw his arrival. His birth will always be the most wonderfullest experience ever in my life.
That beautiful fat disfigured face, easily confused with his beautiful fat disfigured arse bits is the moment to always treasure.

My favorite photo so far on blog is the helmet one because I am so proud that he still wears it for his bicycling. I got that for him at the age of 7 years.

Dom Carver said...

Hurrah, the Olaf is back.

Dom Carver said...

Sweeden 1 England 11 is more like it.

Olaf said...

Vince, stop using Olaf dedicated post to plug your blog.