Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Dom's Life Rules

Four rules I live my life by that have helped me become a better writer.

(1) Change The Way You Look At Life.

If you think of yourself as unlucky you will see bad luck everywhere. With the glass half full the unlucky person will say, "I've only got a bit left." The lucky person will say, "It's not empty and I didn't pay for it."

(2) Make Opportunities.

The more you try the more opportunities open up to you. If you have a script you want to send out to producers then follow the carpet bombing method. The more people it is sent to the more chance there is of it landing on the right persons desk at the right time.

(3) What's Important To You?

Take a little time now and again to slow things down and reflect on what's important to you.

(4) Expect Good Fortune.

Believe good things will happen even when bad things are happening. Never give up, only unlucky people give up. Lucky people keep going and eventually get their reward.

I am Buddha, hear me roar.....meowwwwwww.


Lucy said...

You may be a buddha, but I am the Script Guru of the Scribosphere, repeat after me... Yes, mistress, you know and see all, save me from my King Lear plot and lumpy structure; deliver me from expositional dialogue and three million characters... Amen.


Thank you.

Dom Carver said...

No :-P

Tim Clague said...

Rule 2:
I'm struggling at the moment to keep up with my 'sending stuff out' agenda. I've not actually done any writing since getting back from Cannes and I don't think I'll get much chance in the next week or so. You need a fifth rule about prioritising I think - then I can follow it!

Dom Carver said...

Rule 5: Kick yourself in the ass at least once a day. Being busy is no excuse for being lazy.

Sal said...

See you in Cannes next year, then, since you've got an opening line now :)

Good luck with the script (although there is no such thing as luck)

Dom Carver said...

We make our own luck.

Thank you, my dear.

Optimistic_Reader said...

Hi Dom, just stopped by to wish you luck in the 14-day challenge. make sure you post updates!