Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Along time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

First there was the speculation. Then the dissection of the trailers. Then the the film itself. And now the analysis and debate of every single frame. All obsessively shared on social media whether we want it or not.

Sometimes I forget I'm in the entertainment business. It's easy to do so when I go through my latest screenplay with a fine tooth comb, checking each scene, every character arc, every line of dialogue over and over and over and over and over until it's perfect... and then once more for luck. This over critical eye does not just apply to writers, but directors, producers, actors and pretty much everyone involved in making film, TV and other mediums. When did we lose our innocence, that ability to just sit, watch and enjoy a film without pulling it apart afterwards?

Over the last few days I've seen web articles discussing such topics as '20 plot holes in The Force Awakens' and why Rey is a 'Mary Sue'. I skipped over them and will continue to do so when I see others. I enjoyed The Force Awakens, not from a writer's perspective, but from a fan's. For me watching the new film recaptured the excitement I felt when I saw the original back in 1977. It reminded me of why I became a writer, of the love I have for film, story telling and good old fashioned entertainment.

I don't care whether it's perfect or not. I don't care if there are plot holes, or if characters fall short of people's expectations, or what the critics might think. Why can't we just sit back and enjoy the hard work of others and take it at face value, for what it is... entertainment?

I'm determined I'm going to take a regular step back from my writing next year, appreciate it for what for it is, for what I'm trying to do and not analyse the fuck out of it. If I enjoy it then others should too.



Step back!


Merry Christmas one and all.

Happy Writing!

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