Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Earlier in the year I was asked to read THE UK SCRIPTWRITER'S SURVIVAL HANDBOOK and review it. Actually I lie, I asked to read it... OK, OK, I begged Danny and Tim to let me... and let me read it, they did.

Do you know something... you new writers are very blinkin' lucky. When I started out on my career
there was never anything like this to guide a writer through the perilous waters of the media industry. I had to make it up as I went along and it took several years to perfect my approach. All you lucky people have to do is buy this book, read it and then you'll be armed with all the information you need to create and sustain a successful career. I'm just a tiny weeny bit jealous.

There are thousands of screenwriting books out there which claim to help writers sell their work, but despite an intensive search I have never actually find a book solely dedicated to building and sustaining a writing career. I came across a couple of barely passable US based books, but there was never one focused entirely on the UK industry... until now!

Most new writers think it's only a matter of writing a script and sending it out. I wish it was that easy. In truth you have to spend at least the same amount of time building a reputation, marketing, networking and forming relationships as you do writing, if not more. There is no way of avoiding it if you want to succeed. No one is going to buy your work if they don't buy you. The more work you put in, the more likely it is your career will take off. And this book has all the tools needed to help you do exactly that.

Over the years I've learnt the hard way what works and what doesn't, making mistakes more than once, sometimes so many times it became embarrassing, but always learning and improving. And that's why I'm recommending this book to you, because while reading it I recognised many of the tactics I employ myself. Danny and Tim's advice does work. It really does. And that's the beauty of this book, it's all there for you within those covers; all those insider industry secrets, the hints, tips and routines all successful writers employ on a daily basis. This book is literally priceless to any aspiring writers out there. It will save you years of unnecessary work. This book is the one you CAN'T do without!

And as if that wasn't enough Danny and Tim are launching their handy survival handbook at this year's London Screenwriters' Festival. You would be a fool to miss out. Don't be that fool!

Happy writing!

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