Wednesday, April 29, 2015


I love free stuff. Free stuff is good. So here's a great FREE resource from Borgus Films to help you grow as a writer. Don't say I never give you anything...

I thought you might be interested in telling your readers about our new tutorial series based on Alfred Hitchcock's forgotten television works. 
We cover topics of relevance to screenwriting such as: creating unpredictable characters, building suspense and anxiety, manipulating audience knowledge, focusing on simple story objects, and more. 
HITCH20 explores the twenty episodes of TV that Hitchcock personally directed.  Each episode of this series features guest appearances from various Hitchcock scholars and film gurus with their insights on what makes these gems of TV relevant to today’s screenwriters and filmmakers. 
Guest commentaries include: 
-William C. Martell (screenwriter for HBO and Showtime)
-Parker Mott (Film Slate Magazine)
-John P. Hess (FilmmakerIQ)
-Lesley Coffin (author, Hitchcock's Stars: Alfred Hitchcock and the Hollywood Studio System
Proudly sponsored by: 
Glidecam, Paralinx, & Michael Wiese Books. 
"An oft unopened door inside the genius of the Master of Suspense."
  -- V. RenĂ©e, No Film School 

"Packed with insights."
   -- Lights Film School 

Official site: all episodes free on YouTube:


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