Wednesday, March 14, 2012


As writers how do we measure success?

I think the reason most new writers get frustrated is because they have unrealistic expectations of how successful they want, or are going to be. When you're starting out it's easy to dream of BAFTAs, Golden Globes and Oscars, but these are completely unrealistic aspirations for a new writer and have no basis in reality. I'm not saying you shouldn't have ambition, ambition is good, so are goals, but they have to reachable and realistic and you should grow you expectations and goals accordingly.

Should you compare your career to other writers? I think this is an easy trap to fall into and one that any writer should avoid at all costs. Why should you compare your writing and career to other writers, it's just putting more unnecessary pressure on yourself? Every writer is different. Every career is different. Every success is different. There are the perceived high fliers like Steven Moffat and then there are those writers who are not so well know, but who still make a perfectly acceptable living, like the ever wonderful Phillip Barron. Do you think Phillip considers himself a failure because he doesn't have his own show on TV watched by millions? I bet he doesn't. You have to find your own level of success, you have to find your own definition of 'making it'.

I can sum up what success means for me with one question...'Am I happy?' And the answer is yes! I am very happy where my career is right now, I'm earning money and I'm writing features that have a good chance of getting made. This doesn't mean I've given up on writing for TV, that particular goal still drives me onwards, all I'm saying is at the moment I'm extremely happy to be paid to do what I love.

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