Monday, March 21, 2011

Outcasts & Being Human Series Finales

Outcasts: I really liked the final episode. It set up some interesting cliffhangers for the second series - if they had been given the go ahead for one - and the dialogue was much improved. The only thing I really didn't like was the fact that Julius Berger's villainy was watered down when we learnt he was working for someone else. He would have been a much stronger/evil/power hungry character if he had been working on his own. Yes, we know that the people he was in collusion with were far more manipulative and dangerous than Julius had been, but I personally would have preferred to see him more in control and not someone else's lap dog. Not a bad episode though.

Being Human: My God, what great drama! This is what good TV is all about. While we were teased by the 'Wolf Shaped Bullet' and who it might be, it really could have only ever been George. Any other choice and it wouldn't have made any sense, or had such poetic justice, it had to be George just as Mitchell had to be the one to kill Herrick. But what hit me the most besides the awesome acting from Russell Tovey, Aidan Turner, Lenora Crichlow, Sinead Keenan and Jason Watkins, was the even more awesome dialogue..."I'm only doing this because I love you." That is how great dialogue should be written; that is how great drama should be written. Being Human blew away everything else that was on TV that night. If all TV drama was that good I'd never get my arse off the sofa.


Lisa Holdsworth said...

I think these two finales were perfect examples of why one series is a runaway hot and the other just isn't. The Outcasts cliffhanger was, in my opinion, cynical and arrogant. It assumed a second series and therefore did not give a satisfying end to any of the stories. We didn't get to see who was on the arriving ship, we were given a load of new info about Fleur but no time to see the impact of it, we found out Cas's secret but it had no real impact in the story and answered very few questions about him or the bigger Outcasts world.

Meanwhile, Toby Whithouse played a beautiful game of giving thr audience a little of what they wanted and a lot of what they didn't know they wanted! Without giving teh end away for those who might not have seen it, one character's journey came to a perfect, well-earned and satisfying end. And end that felt almost inevitable. It broke your heart but it felt right. And whilst there was a cliffhanger, it wasn't at the expense of giving the series three stories and proper conclusion. Nothing was held back.

Dominic Carver said...

I totally agree, Being Human was complete and satisfying, where as Outcasts left too many questions unanswered, even if it did improve towards the end.

Toby Whithouse is genius, dangling just enough bait to keep us all hooked for the next series, but not robbing us of a decent finale or a satisfying conclusion. Epic writing!