Friday, January 21, 2011

The Traveller Production Kicks Off

I wrote The Traveller over a two week period last November from a treatment by Peter Mitchell. Even though the writing process was a challenge, working closely with director Musaab Ag (pictured below right), trying to merge his ideas and mine to create an exciting, tense, gripping script, it was an experience I thoroughly enjoyed, and one we are both eager to repeat as soon as possible. There was even a late Wednesday night session of last minute changes conducted over Skype.

It was a genuine delight to find someone I worked well with, someone I could bounce ideas off and have my opinions on their ideas listened to at the same time. It was a wonderful collaborative process which has created a finished script I'm extremely pleased with.

Shooting starts today (not sure how long it goes on for), which includes closing off a major highway near Dubai so they can crash a car and roll it into a ditch; that gives you some idea of the scale and ambition of the production. I wish them all luck and look forward to seeing the finished production very soon. I really can't wait for our next collaboration. As my three-year-old son would say, 'is exciting.'


Milletti Films said...

Best of luck with the shoot.

Unknown said...

Best of luck for the shoot. 3D, CGI blockbuster next?

Daniel said...

Hey Dom - congratulations! And hope it turns out not only to be a successful shoot, but a wonderful film in the end. Cheers!

Dominic Carver said...

Thanks everyone. Filming has now completed and I'm looking forward to being able to show everyone the finished product.