Friday, June 04, 2010

Flash Forward

So the series has ended and the second will not be going ahead. To be honest I don't blame the studio for dropping the show because the last few episodes were a big disappointment, and there were too many loop holes in the plot.

The series started off really well but tried to be too clever towards the end, concentrating too much on how people's flash forwards changed, rather than sticking with the original concept of how people would cope knowing, or not knowing, what they were going to be doing six months down the line.

And the plot suffered from some terrible loop holes. The biggest was why the instigators of the incident wanted to make it World wide? After all if they had been using it for years to see all the possible futures, to make money, to better their own lives, why all of a sudden did they want to share that with the whole World? To me it didn't make sense. What was the point of giving everyone a flash forward?

I also thought the idea of having a flash forward was that it was personal. Then why, and how, could Gabriel see other people's futures, and how did Dyson Frost know Demetri would watch his video tape in the future if he wasn't there to see Demetri find it? It all got more than a little confusing.

And the ending was very underwhelming. The only flash forward we got to see was Charlie's, when she was grown up saying, 'They found him'. We invested time in those characters and what we deserved was a decent pay-off. I personally wanted to see the main characters' new flash forwards so if there had been a second series you would be wondering right from the start how things were going to play out.

Overall I found it very disappointing and I won't be buying it on DVD. Give it a miss.

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