Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I was recently approached by an Internet advertising company offering to pay me to put text ads on my official web page. At first I was dubious, but after a bit of investigating I decided they were a legitimate company, so I asked my fellow writers whether I should go for it or not. Most said yes.

However, while I was still waiting to hear back from the company after I had sent them an email of questions, I received and email from my good friend and webmaster Dan Thomas of Moov2.com. He sent me two articles, one about the company who had approached me, and the other about the risks of Internet advertising on professional websites.

The company was legit, but mostly advertised gambling sites. The downside to this company was that they were very secretive, wouldn't answer questions, and would react with threats of legal action if even a hint of anything bad was written on the web about them. I know a company has to protect its image, but this automatically put me off.

The second article was more informative and discussed the pros and cons of advertising on your professional website. If you're a writer would it look good to advertise gambling websites? After all, it's all about protecting your brand. Your brand is your career after all.

I've decided that the lure of a quick buck is not for me and I'll be keeping my professional work website free of ads. My Bank Manager is probably crying now.

Have you had any experience with this kind of service - good or bad - please let me know?

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Adaddinsane said...

As someone who's been involved in advertising from various angles: I'd steer clear completely, personally I loathe and detest gambling websites anyway, but on the practical note of that second article: Yes, you are your brand and advertising will sully it.

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