Sunday, November 08, 2009

The Over Sensetive.

I made a comment on someones facebook page. They have now band me and erased me from their Facebook friend's list and also twitter.

Some people don't deserve my friendship. The comment I made was not derogatory in any way. In fact here it is to the best of my memory. "I'm single." My response, "Thank god there's not two of you." Not exactly rude is it? Funny? What's your opinion?

Being depressed I know about being over sensitive, but then there's being sensitive and over sensitive. You have to find the right balance, this person obviously hasn't.

Some people need to take a deep breath and not take things so seriously.



Paul McIntyre said...

Depends on the person really - you might have just caught them at a bad moment - they might have been pondering the futility of a solitary existence right when your comment appeared.

I left facebook a while ago - comments and pictures and status updates can all easily be misinterpreted when there is no implied tone - best to steer well clear of such a minefield.

Dominic Carver said...


laurence timms said...

Seems pretty clear that this is their problem, not yours. If they don't want your friendship then sod 'em.

This is the social networking equivalent of having a little huff, crossing arms and turning away. Fine. So what? Let them have their huff.