Thursday, April 23, 2009


So I've reached the big 40 and to be honest I don't really feel any different, except my taste in presents has turned to shit.

Normally I would know way in advance what I want for my birthday. I usually scour Amazon a month or so before for all the latest DVDs, make a list and remind people about it every couple of days or so. This year I didn't know what I wanted, nor did I have a desire for anything. Strange!

In the end I got very excited about a lawn mower and strimmer my parents bought me, and I am also planning to buy a BBQ with all the lovely cash I was given. I think middle age has hit early.

My party was organised by my lovely wife Susie and was on the theme of TV and movie characters. As you can see I came as Batman, The Dark Knight version.

However, the Batman suit had one problem, it didn't have a pee hole, so to go to the loo I had to almost take the whole thing off. I started drinking pints that night and soon realised a full bladder was going to be a problem. So I started to drink shorts. "Come on, Dom, it's only a quid extra for a double," someone said to me. I don't remember much after that.

A special thanks to Timothy 'Clackers' Clague who was the only blogger and fellow writer who managed to tear themselves away from the normal Saturday night stuff and come help me celebrate my special day. Cheers buddy :-)

Apparently I spent three hours wandering around the house after everyone had gone to bed, mumbling to myself and falling asleep, five minutes at a time, in some very odd places, even lent on the kitchen counter top at one point, so I'm told.

My head hurt really bad the next day. Roll on fifty.


potdoll said...

Love your cake!

Dominic Carver said...

So did my son. Took ages to eat it.