Wednesday, May 07, 2008

AGN Premier part 2

A screening once an hour on the hour, the beer flowed, food was munched and a good time was had by all.

TVVest, the local TV station were there and this is what they had to SAY. I wish I could read Norwegian coz I have no idea if they liked it or not.


Translation follows: Our employees are not satisfied to edit and film during working hours.

- We wanted to produce something that we did not do on a working day basis, which is commercial- and news, explains director Ørjan Hennes, who together with producer Tore Lofnes has done most of the post-production. Lofnes is also the cinematographer.

We see a man (Jakob Bentsen) who's jogging around Mosvannet. He's not in shape, but when an attractive woman (Merete Hammersland) smiles at him several times, he gains more energy and it adds more hope to his ego. But things change rapidly to something scary when he finally makes contact with her.

- I think it was either me or Tommy who came up with the idea that we wanted to make a film about a jogger around Mosvannet. our original thought was that we wanted to "pull the plug" so that all the water around would disappear. But that would take too much time in after effects, smiles Hennes.

Torfinn Ingeborgrud who's a teacher at Stavanger University and lightman Lars Børke plays an important part as co-actors. Arne Reidar Mortensen, production manager and primus-motor, Steffen Rogne did the sound, Henriette Framnes Time did credits, Rune Hagerup, catering and props, Ivan Bråten Stills, Andreas and Tommy did their planning and a

A certain Gunnar Gran came up with the title.

Enjoy this five minute long feelgood-horrorfilm premiere, Saturday and Sunday or watch it online.


Lucy V said...

I can read Norwegian and they say that sadly, your career is over. All the Norwegians of the world will unite and make sure you never work in this town again.


mark g said...

It just so happens I have exclusive access to an excellent translator, according to whom the article reads as follows:

"Our appointed am never pleased along with to movie and draw up in the working time. We'd delight at to be doing something absolutely different than facts we carry on along with at daily , as am advertisement and nyhetsproduksjon , define the director Ørjan Her , as along with manufacturer Tore Lofnes has done in most at job. We appointments a man Jakob Bluntly ) as sneakers around Mosvannet. He aren't in especially good admonish , but gear see to up as he getting more smile from a attractive woman Merete Hammer stroke ). But just in facts he do be about get contact happen to facts any astonishing and terrifying. I believing it was I or Inch Rørvik as owned the idea about a sneakers around Mosvannet. Actual saw savage we draw out " cork " from among entire lake , saw facts disappeared. But facts cost rather too a good deal of in etterarbeid , smile Her. Assistant professor Torfinn Ingeborgrud and lysmann Lars Børke acts significant biroller. Hearth Reidar Mortensen stayed inspillingsleder and muntrasjonsråd Steffen Spawn grasped her at beep Henriette Forward Concurrent rulletekstene , The runes Gardens catering and props Ivan Sudden Stillsfoto , Other Håmsø and Inch Rørvik movie and one Gunnar Whiz-bang suggested the title. Nyt award a prize to at this five minutes high Feelgood skrekkfilmen Saturday , Sunday or at neat."

A palpable hit, even though the reviewer aren't in especially good admonish, and is more geared up to getting more smile from attractive woman. I was particularly interested in the reference to the savage drawing a cork from entire lake - was that the midpoint? I imagine that the scene where Steffen Spawn grasped her at beep would rule out a broadcast slot on British TV - too frankly Scandinavian in its approach to sex?

Dominic Carver said...

Funny ;-)

Dominic Carver said...

Proper translation on its way soon.