Friday, February 08, 2008

The Big Smoke

On Monday I'm off up to the Big Smoke (London Town for those not in the know), to meet a director about shooting my short film script The Dead Side Of Life. Yes it's happening, it's actually happening...HUZZAH!!! And it's my first official "MEETING" for one of my own projects. Fan-fiddly-ducking-tastic!!!!!!!

After extensive research (about two minutes worth) I am now prepared for the meeting. What do I need to remember for the day?
  • Have a shower (very important unless I want to smell).
  • Brush my teeth (bad breath is not appealing).
  • Brush my hair (so it doesn't look like I haven't bothered with it in weeks, maybe even months, I can't actually remember to tell you the truth, and it does need a cut quite urgently).
  • Clean clothes (baby puke stained tops are not going to make the right impression).
  • Polo Mints (for the eliminating of bad breath when my mouth goes dry).
  • Copy of the script (so I can make notes and stuff ready for the inevitable rewrite).
  • A nice shiny leather bag to hold said script in, with pens and business cards safely tucked away in the bag's many inner pockets (my wife bought the bag. I like my bag. It's my man bag).
  • Money for the train fare, buying coffee (I need to be alert for the early morning meeting), sandwiches and paying tramps to bugger off and stop annoying me with their foul alcohol breath. I'm not sharing my Polo Mints with anyone, you fuckers!
  • Maps (lots of maps so I know exactly where I'm going and what time I have to be there by. Punctuality is a good skill to have and I'm very anal about it too. If I could take my sat-nav with me, I would).
I think I'm ready. Wish me luck.

Oh, I will also be meeting up with Mr. Jason Arnopp and possibly Mr. James Moran if he can tear himself away from the BBC for a minute or two. If James doesn't turn up he has warned me to watch out for Mr. Arnopp's wandering hands. Advice noted!


Gareth Michael Turpie said...

All the best darn Landan innit geezer!

Seriously, hope it all goes well Dom.

The script's funny and will be a great short film.

Don't forget to swap cards with Moran and give him an extra card to pass on to Sir Russell!

Dominic Carver said...

Cheers, Sheikspear.

Damn, I forgot the clean underpants rule. I had better scape off the crusty bits and pop them in the wash quick like.

Robin Kelly said...

Well done Dom, I hope the meeting went well.

Andy Phillips said...

So, how'd it go? Well, I hope.