Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Character and Dialogue Polish

As part of my new direction for this year I am offering a unique opportunity to five lucky individuals. As my writing strengths lie in the area of characterisation and dialogue I have decided to offer some help to my fellow writers.

If you have a script and you're not sure about the characters and dialogue, and would like someone to have a look over your script and offer suggestions on how to improve these areas, then email your scripts ASAP. The first five that land in my inbox will get the Carver treatment.

Why should you seek advice from me about characters and dialogue? These testimonies from industry professionals say it all:

Nadine Mellor - September Films: "I thought the characterisation was strong..."
Karen Clarke - Open Mike Productions: "The characters are well thought out..."
BBC Writersroom: "A good study of a family...A good grasp of male rivalries...The writer has potential for character driven TV drama..."
Dom Philpot - World Productions: I believe that dialogue is one of your strengths...Richard: I found his later transformation to be believable and touching..."
Johanna Devereaux - Festival Film & Television Ltd: "The brothers are well contrasted..."

So as I said, the first five scripts in my inbox will receive at least one A4 page of advice free of charge. Hurry while you can.


Dominic Carver said...

Don't all rush at once.

Jon said...

I'd rush but I don't have anything currently that needs a look over...

Thank you, genuinely, for making the kind offer though. :)

Gareth Michael Turpie said...

Hi Dom!
Just whizzed over a script for your critical eye!
Hope I'm not too late, been on a break.
If I am in time & am one of the first five, then lucky for me & shame on the rest of you for being too lazy/slow/shy/scared of the truth to send one of yours in!
Regards, Sheiky