Monday, December 10, 2007

Baby, Not Sleeping and Night Writing

My son has found out he can command his mum and dad simply by grizzling, we are slaves to his every whim, regardless of what task we might be performing at the time. Full blown crying, the type that shatters your vertebrae into dust, is too much a threat to let grizzling go unchecked. We tend to do things in relay so that someone is keeping an eye on the little heart stealer all the time, even when he's asleep. Despite this, our son still finds time to sneak past mummy's watchful glare and munch all the mince pies. The greedy little git!

Meanwhile, I've put on half a stone.

It's no surprise then I get very little time to write. I grab what time I can, where I can. It's amazing how having so little time focuses your mind and increases your productivity. I can get a page written in the time it takes mummy to change a nappy.

The constant care needed to look after a child and the pressure to get things done in the nano seconds in between feeding, burping and changing nappies, has taken its toll. I can't sleep. I'm suffering from a giant case of insomnia. In fact I haven't had more than five hours sleep a night in the last three weeks. I've tried taking Nightol, drinking warm milk and all the usual stuff to make me drowsy, but nothing works, not even a whole bottle of wine. So when I'm still awake at 6.30am I try and get a bit more writing done, but it's kind of hard when you're close to having an aneurysm through lack of sleep. At least I don't get disturbed.

Something has to give, I just hope it's Santa and not my mental state.


Lucy V said...

See???? Didn't I tell you?? Babies make you better and more productive writers, what I've said ALL ALONG. I thank you.

Dominic Carver said...

I'll have to have some more then.