Wednesday, October 03, 2007

On Hold

I'm meant to be moving house next week, so I've stopped answering my emails, writing and pretty much everything except playing Halo 3 on the Xbox.

There is much to organise when moving and I'm continuously running around from one place to another, doing something or other, which means every second of my time is valuable. I need time to sit down and write, to get my juices flowing, to be creative, and I just can't do that in the few minutes I have spare. So I've quit for a week. The release of Halo 3 is just a coincidence....honest!

But when I do move I'll have my own room, my own office in which to create and surf for porn, uninterrupted. No more crouching over the laptop on the dressing table, no more wife continually trying to get on the computer to chat about baby things with her cyber buddies. And I'll have views of a valley and everything. Inspiring!!!


potdoll said...

sounds well lush. good luck with the move. as for Halo 3 i think it should get confiscated.

Lucy V said...

A fucking valley?!? You moving to The Scottish Highlands?? Anyway, *everyone* knows you only get inspiration from living down with us oiks in the gutter with the concrete and dog shit, now you'll completely dry up man with a beautiful view out your window! YOU'RE DOOMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good luck btw.

Jon said...

I used to have a beautiful view outside the window... now I have a house there. Mope, mope. On the other hand, my writing has improved immeasurably! ;-)

Jason Arnopp said...

Ever seen Funny Farm with Chevy Chase? He's a writer who settles down in his new country-view study, loving the cute li'l birdie on the window sill. A few months later, he's blocked to buggery and wants to shoot the darn thing. :)

But this will not happen to Le Carver, naturellement. Happy moving, sir, and I support your switch to a more porn-friendly environment.