Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I'm Outta Here...

...Only for a while as I'm off to Stavanger, Norway to visit my very good friend Arne Reidar Mortensen.

If you want to view my drunken exploits click the link, as I will be visiting the bar this webcam is outside on Monday from 7.30pm GMT onwards.

I will be back next Wednesday. See you then.


Dominic Carver said...

Here I am in Stavanger. I have drunk nothing but beer since I got here. Today we ate fresh shrimps by the fjord and tomorrow we're going fishing.

I love Norway.....I just wish it would stop raining though.

I wish I could stay here forever

Sal said...

Hope you've had fun in Norway! Good to catch up with your blog, sorry I've been remiss in commenting. Agree with you about dearth of competitions in the UK - how are we to match up the "we really want to find new talent" people with the talent?