Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Contest Semi-Finalists

The semi-finalists have been announced and are as follows:

Jason Butler, Dublin, Ireland - TON OF MONEY
Stinson Carter, Los Angeles, CA - ANANIAS
Tom Cosgrove, Dublin, Ireland - THE SEA DEVILS
Steven Davidson, Logan, UT - BADLAND
James Duff, New York, NY - MOROCCO
David Eskin, Vienna, VA - THE WALK
Rick Fonte, Austin, TX - HER FORTUNE
Jen Frankel, Toronto, ONT Canada - MINNIE FINSTER
Jason Ginsburg, Valley Village, CA - THE BATTLE OF NEW ORLEANS
David Haynes, Santa Monica, CA - BAD THINGS PEOPLE DO
Kellen Hertz, New York, NY - MASQUE
Ken Klein, Portland, OR - IMPACTS AND REMAINS
Yehudi Mercado, Austin, TX - BUFFALO SPEEDWAY
Bret Ootes, Toronto, ONT Canada - ATOMIC EYE
Jill Parker, London, UK - LOVE IN THE TIME OF BOLERO
Jon Preece, Newport, UK - ELVIS WALKS HOME
Richard Redlo, Albany, NY - THE OTHER TEAM
Greg Shea, North Andover, MA - HEARTBREAK HILL
Ian Taylor, Lilling York, UK - STREET MAGIC
Nizar Wattad, Los Angeles, CA - AGENCY

Well done to Jill Parker, Jon Preece and Ian Taylor for keeping the British end up. Good luck for the final.

You will have noticed that Sins of The Father wasn't one of the scripts mentioned. Never mind, there is always next year.


Lucy V said...

Damnation hell on fire sulphur and brimstone.

Sal said...

sorry you didn;t make the cut. btw how did you get on in BSSC? I didn't make round 2

Dominic Carver said...

Niether did I. As I said before, at least there's next year :-)

Elspeth said...

Didn't Ton of Money win the Oscar Moore Foundation a couple of years ago?