Monday, March 20, 2006

Go With The Flow

Your characters are clearly defined, your plot carefully constructed, you have a blank page before you and you're ready to write, but the words aren't flowing. Bugger! So what do you do?

Personally I turn my on my MP3 player and listen to Oasis... LOUD! I find that loud guitar music shuts off the part of my brain that tends to wander when I sit in front of the computer to write. Otherwise I'd be getting up every five minutes, making myself a drink, looking out of the window, playing Halo 2 on the X-Box, blogging, reading a book and any number of other things dangerously distracting to the serious writer.

So what works for you?


Lianne said...

Music wise, I couldn't listen to anything like Oasis, far too intrusive. And I think they've gone crap. I prefer something like Air or Sigur Ros as they are atmospheric and either have minimal lyrics or lyrics in Norweigan which I don't understand. Lyrics tend to distract me. Classical music is good too, but sometimes the choice of music really depends on what I'm writing, or more accurately, trying to write.

Dominic Carver said...

Lyrics distract me too which is why I can't listen to Eminem. If I had his CD's on my MP3 player I'd never get any work done. Because I'm so familier with Oasis I tend not to listen to the lyrics until a favourite song comes on and then I sing to myself while I'm writing. Not sure what the neighbours think of that.

If I put on classical music I'd be asleep before the first paragraph.

I shall ask my little Norwegian TV Superstar Buddy about Air and Sigur Ros when he arrives on Saturday from Stavanger. Bugger, I just gave away the secret thread on my website blog.... Shhhh, don't tell anybody.

Lianne said...

I'm rubbish at keeping secrets, sorry!

Don't ask your Norwegian mate about Air though - they are French!