Thursday, October 23, 2008

Memed Again.

Phillip Barron, you have a lot to answer for.

“List the top five ways you distract yourself when you should be writing and then procrastinate some more by sending it to all those other writers who should really procrastinate more often.”

1) Blog - coz it's there.
2) Facebook - coz it's there and it's cool.
3) Check email - coz I can't bear having an empty inbox.
4) Write long lists of what I really should be doing - coz lists are fun and it looks like you've been working hard when you cross items off.
5) MSN with Lucy - coz we like to moan about all types of shit and she likes to take the piss out of my poor spelling ability.

Now who to pass it on to????


Dom Carver said...

I've memed Danny Stack, James Moran and Tim Clague. Get to it chaps.

Tim Clague said...

have done - but I've called it 'f*** the procrastination tag' - enjoy!