Thursday, October 30, 2008

Credit Crunches Dom

The Credit Crunch has bitten me...hard... on the rump.

I've been trying to get an agent for a while now, picking and choosing, and using recommendations to improve my chances. I get close to landing a big fish and what happens? A recent email from that well known agent highlights how the credit crunch is affecting the writing industry, and is making securing the services of a good agent almost impossible at the moment.

The agent liked my script, "I like it... but, I'm having to say no to rather good material." The reason? It seems this agent (can't speak for any others, but I get the feeling it's the same all around) is cutting back on his screenwriting clients because it appears there is more money to be made with novelists than screenwriters at the moment.

Good job I have a children's novel on the go. Yes, the same one that's been on the go for the last two years, but it's more on the go now than it was on the go back then. I'm actually nearly ready to type the first words of chapter one. Can you feel the excitement?


laurence timms said...

For a minute you had me worried there - I'm trying to find an agent myself but for my (finished) rather than a screenwriter.

Go on, crack on with the children's novel. If I can spew out 100k words in 12 months, anyone can.

Janice Okoh said...

How depressing.

Dom Carver said...

Hi Janice, it's not depressing, just a minor hurdle to greatness ;-)

leehamilton51 said...

Hi Dom, was wondering if you might write a blog entry on the best or recommended script writing books, including tv pilot writing ones. Well, Xmas is coming up, and is the perfect opportunity to ask for all the stuff I really need (just want). What say you? Hope you get an agent for Christmas!! Cheers, Lee Hamilton

Dom Carver said...

Oh indeed, I do one every year. This year will be no exception :-)

Janice Okoh said...

I like your way of thinking.