Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Epic Battle With BT

It rages on... and on....and on. I'm surprised I'm being allowed to write this, because I'm sure BT are monitoring me, in fact I expect to be cut off in seconds.

Nope, still here!

The engineer has been out to look over my stuff, and all the connections in my house. "There's no problem this end" fucking shit, Sherlock, I've been telling you that for months. So now I've been passed on to their top team of investigators, who I imagine are the CFU (Counter Fault Unit) of the phone world. I imagine a Jack Bower type figure stalking the corridors of the exchange armed with a screwdriver, hunting down that elusive fault, tweaking its nipples and giving it what for. Apparently they are going to be my best friend until the fault is found and fixed. Such dedication, if only they could do something about the rising fuel costs.

Rejection Watch: Twice this week....bastards!!!!!!


Lucy said...

Jack Bower?

Bauer my friend.

Damn you make it too easy: there's almost no sport in it.

Dom Carver said...

Yes indeed the USA spelling would be Bauer, but as this is a fictional character working for BT, and therefore British, it would be spelt Bower....cause I said so!!!! Now piss off my blog, you demented woman. :-P

Mark said...

Dom, you appear to be suffering from PMBT.