Thursday, May 01, 2008

April Round Up

So AGN gets its press and media screening tomorrow. I really wish I had the money to jump on a plane and attend but I don't, so I'll have to content myself with reports from my friend, who will be attending.

If any of you want proof that blogs work then let me tell you that I was contacted yesterday by a production company looking for scriptwriters. Who they are doesn't matter; what does matter is that this blog and my website are getting noticed. All the hard work I've put into both is paying off, which is now leading to paid work, or at the least the possibility of it. So if anyone reading this is thinking of writing a blog, but isn't sure the effort is worth it, I have only one thing to say; what are you hanging around for, you doult, start blogging!!!! Don't worry I can handle the competition.

Buddha Of Birmingham has gone out to several production companies so I shall wait with baited breath. The waiting is the hardest part for a writer. We can deal with rejection, we get very excited, almost to the point of wetting ourselves, when we get work, but the waiting gnaws at your soul. Every time the letter box goes it's a mad dash to the doormat, flying through the air, sliding down the stairs on your stomach, only to find Pizza Express have a sale on. Post delivery time sucks!

Gnome is now finished and is my second attempt at a dialogue free script. I'm very pleased with the result.

Jump needs some more work on it, but is coming along very nicely.

I am yet to hear back on how two of my scripts have fared during filming, or even if the productions have gone ahead. I better make some calls.

Laters taters!


Lucy said...

"baited breath", huh? That's like ...maggots included?

; )

Dom Carver said...

You're really annoying!!!!! :-P


Make those calls, Dom!

We need to know. We need the encouragement of someone else making it to screen.
(Other than J.M. or P.C.)

So is your tally 3 films now?


Talking of shorts...

just popped back to let you know there's a very cheap "make your own short" deal now posted on mine.

Remember, it's Friday...


Dom Carver said...

One completed. Another two ontheir way. One is waiting on a new director and the other is wait on permission from a council of all things. How many bloody permits do you need to dig a hole in a wood???? :-(