Monday, April 02, 2007


Faith is coming on in leaps and bounds, alternative plot lines are suggesting themselves on a daily basis. As I'm on a no rewrite policy I just add a script note so I will be reminded of these alternative ideas at a later date. Some might work better, others might not. God I love writing a new script, I've missed it so much.

It's hard to resist the urge to go back and rewrite what I've written, but so far I've succeeded. Every time I've been tempted I get up and have a quick wander around the room, or look out of the window, just to distract myself. It works.

However, one problem has reared its ugly head. I've found that I've named many of my characters with the same first letter. So far I have three 'F's, Frank, Faith and Flash, and two 'M's, Mary and Michael. With the names too similar it might cause confusion with the reader so I'm going to have to face facts and admit I will have to change some of the character's names. Again this is something I'll leave until the first draft is finished, I don't want to distract myself before I'm done.

Things are on track for an end of April finish.


Tim Clague said...

I sometimes use baby names website to help with this.

Dom Carver said...

I have a book called 1001 Baby Names. Very handy as it also gives the meanings too.

Lianne said... is good, as you can search for names according to meaning, ethnic origin or even historical or literary names.