Sunday, March 25, 2007

Three Is The Magic Number

I hate rewriting, not because it's a never ending task, but because as writer you can get so involved in a script you become blinded to its faults. Then you're just rewriting for rewritings sake and not actually doing the script any good.

So after listening to Adrian Mead last week talk about his Power Of Three I put out some feelers offering to read other people's work. I received a couple of offers and was pleased with the results.

So now I'm going one step further. I'm going to start my own Power Of Ten group.

How's it going to work? I'm going to look for nine willing volunteers, who are prepared to read other people's work and ask questions about it. Then those nine people, and myself will swap contact details so that we all have nine people to send our work to, to be read. That way we don't have to spend time seeking new people to read our work, they are already there ready, willing and able.

So those of you that are interested please email me on my website email address and let's start helping each other and ourselves. I haven't presumed that those two people who have already swapped scripts with me would automatically want to be included in this. If you do then please email me.

Don't forget, this is as much for your benefit as it is for mine. We're here to help each other.

Look forward to reading your emails.


Dom Carver said...

That's one.

Dom Carver said...

Erm, that's still one.

Come on fellow writers, this is a great chance to get feedback on your scripts. You really should be grabbing this chance with both hands.

potdoll said...

Dom do you mean scripts or one page outlines?

Dom Carver said...

Scripts, one page outlines, treatments, letters and whatever else we want to throw at each other.

The idea is to set up a network of people willing to read stuff so you know who to go to when you want some feedback on your work.

potdoll said...

Sounds like a good idea. I'm a bit overwhelmed with work at the minute but when it's calmed down a bit I'd be up for it.

Dom Carver said...

Then send me an email Potty so I have your contact details.

That's two :-)

Dom Carver said...

Now there be three. We're on a roll...WOO HOO!

Aslı Yazır said...

Most probably I am too late, but I am in, too!
My e-mail address is, and I will be happy to read!