Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I thought I knew which two of my shorts film scripts I was sending to this years BSSC. Then I let my wife read all of my back catalogue of short scripts and she chose another one. She said it was better than the one I wanted to send.

I don't know which to send now so I'm leaving the decision up to you lovely bloggers. The links to all three scripts are below (don't worry only ten pages each roughly). All you have to do is name the two you like the most in the comments and I'll go with the majority decision.

Thanks for your help.

The Dead Side Of Life.


I Do?


Dan said...

Dom, my two choices would be 'The Dead Side of Life' and 'Goodbye'. I favour the former though just because it's slightly left of field and stands out.

Good luck.

Pillock said...

I vote for 'Dead Side.'

Dom Carver said...

Pillock, what's your second choice, as I'm submitting two?

Lianne said...

Yes, I'd go with 'Dead Side' and 'Goodbye'. Do you want some more feedback on these? Drop me an email if so.

Pillock said...


Tim Clague said...

Dead side and I do.

Goodbye was a bit too obvious for me.

Lianne said...

So which one did your wife pick?