Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Cop This

What a book. I bought this yesterday because it looked interesting and I didn't put it down until I'd finished, and believe me that's a rare thing.

The book is an active beat officer's daily musings of the job he signed on to do and the job he actually does. It's funny, insightful and gives the reader the real inside story of modern day policing. It illustrates just how unprotected the average citizen is from crime.

He also has a daily blog which I always read with interest; have a look see at

Just imagine if they made a TV police drama based on this book? Less The Bill, more The Thin Blue Line.

I'm seriously thinking about leaving the country.


Olaf Legend said...

There is many things we should't know about police force! It would make great series, though.
Or maybe new "Carry On..." film?

oneslackmartian said...

ah, yeah, i found that web site awhile back . . . it's most interesting