Monday, April 10, 2006

The Next Step

As some of you may be aware (if you have been reading the blog on my website) I was contacted on my birthday by Celtic Films who expressed an interest in my 90 minute one off drama From This Day Forth.

I've been after this for years and now I've sobered up after my birthday I've realised it's finally here, and to be honest I feel a little lost. Don't get me wrong I know where I go from here (a re-write from their notes), I just feel strange. For the last five years I've been so focused on getting interest in my scripts I never gave any thought to anything beyond that. Now I have to and it's a little more daunting than the first step.

I have faith in my ability and I'm looking forward to the next exciting challenge of my chosen career. There is some hard work ahead of me but I have the tools to cope with it. It just came out of the blue and caught me a little unawares I suppose.

I can't wait to get my hands on those notes.


Lucy said...

Post 'em online!!!

Actually, maybe that's a bad idea, esp given my most recent post and the muppets in cyber space...

Dying to know EVERYTHING though. Sounds tres cool.

Dom Carver said...

I'm excited too but I expect I'm going to have to wait at least a couple of weeks before I get the notes...... I want them now!!!!

Optimistic_Reader said...

The excitement is palpable! Make sure you keep us updated of your progress on this Dom, Celtic sound like a great company to work with.

Dom Carver said...

No worries, regular updates will appear on my website bog.